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SUMMER COURSES II: Electroacoustic sound art production by Verónica Mota

  In this workshop, participants will learn how to produce their own sound works, using their own recordings (recorded during the workshop) and further processing. The mentor will focus on Musique… Read more

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SUMMER COURSES I: Instalación artística y nuevos formatos expositivos by Irma Marco

Un curso para la comprensión y práctica de la instalación como recurso artístico. Los asistentes aprenderán algunas técnicas que permitan contextualizar y situar el trabajo artístico o aplicarlo en el… Read more

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Some unfinished oil paintings, where he is yearning to capture the intensity of nature.Yugo is the meticulous type. I am personally fond of artists who after them, everything is as… Read more

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Andrea Rodríguez Vial is an installation-ceramic-sculptor who frequently models animals reflecting about plague, domestication, extinction, animal abuse and anthropocentrism concepts. She started her residency unusually early this Spring, because, by mid-April, she… Read more

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I am glad to announce next Spring curator-in-residence at Calle Mayor 54: Giulia Gelmini, Italy, 1993. Thank you all you applied, indeed! The curator will be at the house for three days… Read more